A Pilgrimage

Every month, I write an offering that is inspired by my life, my sacred livelihood (Nia and music) and my desire to live a life that is connected to truth and beauty. I am inspired by the extraordinary humans I am in community with, the books I read, and the everyday occurrences that continue to amaze me. I believe that our offerings have the power to transform our world and the world around us. If you would like to receive my monthly offering email in your inbox please sign up at the end of this post.

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My dad would have been 89 years old today. Since his death, I have often thought about how I could possibly encapsulate him and how he lived his life. Spirit stepped in (as she often does) and the word was given to me last week through a podcast that featured the writer Paulo Coelho. He spoke about life being a pilgrimage to the question “Who am I?” That was it. My father's life was a pilgrimage and his question was “How do I live a life of goodness and beauty?” 

He was a philosopher and teacher and he believed that God spoke to us through beauty. He educated men and women on everything from liturgical music to Ionic and Doric columns in architecture (information that has helped me on countless New York Times crosswords). He taught farmers’ sons in North Dakota the beauty of Gregorian Chant and brought them to Europe through his many photographs of art that he took on his own journeys. He was a pilgrim who walked with love, support, and forgiveness. He changed so many people’s lives and continues to change mine. 

I am doing my best to walk in my father’s footsteps. I am a pilgrim seeking a life that is meaningful. I seek a life that is sacred and connected to spirit. I seek to be a teacher and a student. I seek to celebrate my NOW body and life and help others do the same. I seek to redefine community and connection. I seek to help others share their stories. 

Like my dad, I believe in the transformative power of beauty and to that I add the element of movement. Movement, specifically Nia, and music are my conduits to living a life that is vibrationally alive. 

My dad’s absence is overwhelming but beautiful. His being has soaked into mine and I feel like I am continuing his pilgrimage for him. I aspire to be like him. He was kind. He was present. He was grace personified. I am blessed to have walked with him for so many years of my life and I miss him everyday. 

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Your Offering

Photo by James Nickerson

Photo by James Nickerson

It’s been awhile since my last offering and I’ll be honest – the last five months have not been easy for me. My husband, James, went through a major health crisis when his vertebral artery tore. It could have led to a stroke or worse. We were told that he ‘dodged a bullet’ from more than one doctor. This phrase alone shifted our lives in an instant. And while I haven’t talked about this publicly, I am also in a place of deep sadness after experiencing two miscarriages in the last year. James and I are now having what so many couples have - an intense and difficult conversation about how we go forward with our family choices after these losses. 


I wasn’t going to write any of that. I was going to simply say, ‘it’s been a tough couple years,’ and launch into how healing has presented itself in my life but as I travel this life I know with more and more certainty that if and when I can be honest and share ALL of my story, that’s when real healing begins. I have spent a lot of time holding in my story. It can be uncomfortable to speak about loss of any kind, success of any kind, depression, and even joy. So I offer my life story to you without any expectation, only a deep desire to open up the possibility of you offering your stories without shame or fear.  I truly believe our offerings will change our world…especially since they take on so many forms. 

It could be you offering your truth to a therapist or someone you love. It could be you offering a space for others to heal. It could be you offering your art as a tool for change. It could be you offering your body as a source of inspiration for health and wellness. It could be you offering your child that extra 10 minutes of staying up before bedtime. It could be you offering to help a friend who needs extra support and love. It could be you offering yourself the gift of loving kindness ten minutes everyday.

Whatever your offering is know that it is needed. You are unique. Your offering is unique and makes a difference in the world. 

Thank you for being a part of my story and offering to hold space for me as I continue to live this one wild and precious life. I am so grateful.  

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